First discovered by Imperial surveyors in Solanum 2xxx, the planet that came to be named Rakshasa was the crown jewel around which Ouroboros Sector was planned. She is about 20% larger than Terra Mater with slightly higher gravity and warmer year-round climate and abundant flora and fauna compatible with human and Terran life. Vast jungles and verdant plains teeming with native life circumscribe her surface like a shimmering emerald belt, making arable land plentiful.

The atmosphere is high pressure and thick, enough so that an off-worlder will need to wear a pressure mask or risk respiratory distress. Over a six Solmena period, an average human can be slowly weaned off of a pressure mask and conduct normal activity relatively unhindered, though for strenuous activity, it might take as long as two Sol

While Rakshasa was originally settled by primarily Chinese and Indian pioneers, after the Scream, there was a large flux of refugees from across the sector. Over the last 600 years this has made for a racial melting pot where culture, faith, duty and country are far more important than the color of one’s skin. The Chinese and Indian families still tend to hold more wealth than the descendants of refugees and other minorities, but the gap is not great at the moment due to strict personal property laws.(to encourage proper focus on spiritual enlightenment, of course)

By trick of fate, since Buddhism became the favored faith of Rakshasa, the Tibetan minority actually holds great spiritual and religious power, as the government is run by various Buddhist sects and orders, and those descended from Old Tibet are considered wise beyond their years.


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